Isawa Hot springs, Yamanashi Pref.

HAYASHI Strawberry Farm

Welcome to HAYASHI Strawberry Farm

HAYASHI Strawberry Farm is just 7 minutes by car from the Isawa-Onsen Station located in the city of Fuefuki, Yamanashi Prefecture. We have popular AKI-HIME and BENI-HOPPE and you can pick your own strawberries. Since our strawberries are cultivated in elevated cultivation apparatus, it is easy to pick for everyone from small children to elder person or person with wheelchair. Our farm is barrier-free and all-weather hothouse.

Opening seasons

From early in January to the end of May 
It could vary depending on strawberries's growing condition. We may be closed even during the opening season depending on strawberries's growing condition. Reserved person has priority to enter. If you want to drop in, please call us before coming just to make sure.(Telephone :055-262-4564 or cellular phone:090-4074-6988)

Opening hours


Reception closes at 4:00p.m.
We might close earlier if there are no ready-to-eat strawberries.

Closed day

January 1st and the season when there are no red ready-to-eat strawberries


You may eat as much as you like by the time limit of 30 minutes.

Period More than a primary schoolchild kindergarten children 2 years old or younger
from January 15 to February 28 1,800 yen 1,200 yen free of charge
from March 1 to April 10 1,600 yen 1,000 yen free of charge
from April 11 to May 10 1,400 yen 800 yen free of charge
from May 11 to The end of May 1,100 yen 600 yen free of charge

Birthday discount

If it's your birthday, we'll offer you a package of strawberries! Please bring your ID such as passport.

Groupe discount

For a group consisting of more than 15 people, we offer100 yen discout per person. (Limited to person older than 7)